We are Mirja Lockefeer and Werner Wauters. After running a wonderful café in the fortified town of Hulst for a quarter of a century and coming to Bonaire for decades, we threw our pole cloth into the ring. We were going to do things differently for the rest of our lives! But blood is thicker than water, and despite the lovely relaxed vibe on the island, we began to miss being able to please our guests. That's why we founded Blue Vibes Bonaire. We manage a number of unique houses and apartments, if you let us know your wishes we will find the perfect match for you. We also love to share all the secrets of this beautiful island with you - from the best dive sites and hiking trails to the best supermarkets and car rentals, and of course where to find the finest restaurants and nicest bars. We are ready to provide you with a carefree vacation and hope to welcome you soon on Dushi Bonaire.